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Life is Better at the Beach Plaque

Life is Better at the Beach Plaque

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 12" x 16"

Looking for the perfect closing gift? Look no further! At We Make It Personal, we'll help you create thoughtful gifts to celebrate a new home. Contact us at to learn how you can create an account to receive an exclusive realtor discount!

In the box above, please describe what you would like engraved on the product. Our team will e-mail you a proof showing you what the design will look like. Once you approve it, it will be engraved and shipped to you.

If you have a pet picture, handwritten note, logo, piece of clipart, or your own design, attach a HIGH QUALITY photo above or e-mail it to us at (NOTE: photographs of logos or clipart cannot be engraved). 

Wooden 12x16 plaque can be engraved with your custom design. Popular for coordinates, family trees, famous quotes, poems, and slogans. Engravings on the lighter colored board can be darkened with brown or black. 

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